Matt Walpole -Vox and lead guitar

Chris Pilmore -Bass and backing vox

Tom Couch -Drums

BLACK FORGE are a die-hard metal trio from Frome. As individuals they have all had lengthy experience playing in bands and got together through mutual friends just under a year ago. Pooling their eclectic mix of influences the band quickly amassed a set of covers in their own style – that being dropped tuned and aggressive!! Firing out numbers from Murderdolls to Marilyn Manson to Motorhead they made their debut on a stormy 2012 Halloween night in Bristol at The Hatchet Inn, and have been a regulars on the stage there ever since.

Over the last year the band has gone from strength to strength and have earned a reputation for giving their heart and soul in every performance. As individuals Matt, Chris and Tom have developed as musicians too. Matt has proved his ability to seamlessly rip clean and dirty vocals whilst maintaining solo guitar leads and riffs with precision. Chris has evolved a style and sound on the bass that is all of his own. In true Pilmore fashion all his kit is home made with his ‘buzzsaw’ bass gaining distinguished envy from the crowds. Tom has kept the tempo with thunderous double kick-drum work underpinning furious chops on the top of the kit.

More recently they have produced some killer own material. Subjects revolving around the macabre from the supernatural to the legend of Sweeney Todd have been musically arranged with the same brutal honesty that has endeared the band to a wide cross section of the metal community. When asked what it is that makes it work, Matt explained, “Metal is our religion, it’s not just something we do, we believe it!”

Kit & Equipment

Matt plays:

· Epiphone Les Paul Custom

· Marshall JCM 2000 DSL Custom White Head

· Marshall 1960 4×12 Cabinet

Chris plays:

· Ibanez EDB 605 5-String

· Stingray Custom ‘Buzzsaw’ Bass

· Custom Vintage Head

· Custom 3×10 Cabinet

Tom Plays

· Pearl Custom Kit

· Zilgian Cymbals

· Vic Firth American Classic Sticks

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