Grumpy four-piece band from a quaint Surrey town full of alien tripods. Well-armed with gnarly riffs and posh accents.

`TERRORIZER MAGAZINE “Ever had one of those days where you feel like torturing innocent citizens in your basement, but don`t have the right soundtrack to do so? Call Gutlocker and their brand of gnarly noise to the rescue!”` issue 245

Gutlocker built up a momentum of gigs within 2013. But along the period of time there was a bumpy ride with politics, line up changes etc.
Roll on 2014. Gutlocker are getting back in the gigging game. Armed with a new line up and material.
Our new EP is available here on Soudcloud (We have yet to discuss a name!)
Of course along the way plenty of alcohol shall be consumed in their bellies.
Why? Well why the fuck not?

Vocals: Craig “Skippy” McBrearty
Guitar: Pete Tucker
Bass: Hannah “Hazzi” Yeo
Drums: Dean Walker

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