Isarnos are a 7-piece metal band from London who combine thrash, melodic death and atmospherc black metal riffs with traditional instrumentation and esoteric melodies. Isarnos feature both clean & harsh vocals, two guitars, bass and drums alongside flutes, bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy and violin – creating a sound unlike any other UK band.

Following noteable appearances across the UK in 2016/17 including Warhorns Festival (with Manegarm, Saor, et al), Beermageddon, Bloodstock Open Air, Isarnos have shared a stage with international acts including Skiltron (Arg), Grimner & Grand Magus (Swe), Memoriam and HATE (Pl).
Isarnos have also received worldwide exposure, with their current demo tracks songs having been played in over 110 countries worldwide on Soundcloud as well as through online radio stations in the UK, Europe and South America


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