Big Chief – Doug, behind the initial concept for the festival and responsible for the first gig back in 2012, which was a totally different affair to what the festival has grown into today. He was inspired along with his partner at the time, Donna to run an event to raise awareness of Type 1 and funds for JDRF after his 9 year old step daughter Cerys developed Type 1 diabetes. With a love of rock and metal, and watching live bands he decided after its huge success to make it a yearly festival. Doug is a qualified aircraft engineer by trade but now works for a local company as the technical sales manager. Until recently ran the live music side of things for the local music venue Charlies in Westbury, Wiltshire.

Dj Pirate Ben – In a darker time in the mid 90’s a young boy went on a school trip and was introduced to The Offspring on the bus journey for Ben it’s been downhill ever since.
Along the way he has been a DJ for “Seven” and “Ignition” in Bath, is the current rock DJ for WCR FM and is the former Punk DJ for Midlands Metalheads. In his capacity as a radio DJ he interviewed several members of the organizing committee was then offered a press pass to the festival and once he dipped had his toes into the Rock Diabetes world a few moons back he hasn’t been able to escape since.

Loopy Lisa – With a love for a heavy rock and the willingness to do ANYTHING for charity, Lisa joined RD what seams like forever ago and hasn’t looked back since. With roles from MC to band taxi and anything in between, she puts family life on hold 9 months out the year to bring heavy metal to Trowbridge all for a good cause, and couldn’t be prouder of the event we all put on every year.  \m/

Digger Vinnie – After messing around and touring in bands since the early Jurassic period Vinnie decided to hang up his drumsticks and try putting on gigs himself . A couple of successful years later and he formed Two Bucks Rock Productions ….. Now and a lot of fun later Vinnie has taken a long term hiatus from Two Bucks and is concentrating on becoming a very small cog in the huge wheel that is ROCK DIABETES , FIRE and FORGE FESTIVAL

The Special One Jo – Please all welcome Jo to the organising committee for this year’s festival, like a lamb to the slaughter, a baptism of fire, (fire & forge !! Lol) Not sure if we should really mention that Jo works in probably one of the most hated trades in the world, sorry the known universe ! Yes, we should leave that there perhaps. In her spare time though, on the plus side she makes cakes, not just any cakes but proper pro decorated affairs, choose your theme and bang she makes a cake for it.  Not gonna help the organising committees waistlines though !!!

Mr Mojo  – Brian ‘Mojo’ Reid dj at Chippenham FM hosts the Midweek Mojo every Weds night 8- 10pm featuring all genres of music and dedicated to playing locally based and unsigned  bands and artists. He was main stage MC at Fire and Forge 2015 as a late replacement and jumped at the chance to join the organising committee when asked by the Big Chief!

Darren “Your Fired !” Howard – Started in this crazy industry call Entertainment back in the day when everything was black and white. Well not quite but close enough 1988 in The Royal Victoria Dock, London with Jean-Michel Jarre working for a sound company. Since then he has toured this planet with many bands, too many to name and bore you with.
He has also worked in the movies, corporate events and national day celebrations around the world. Now settled in Trowbridge and owns a small Lighting and Sound company.
He says the biggest low point in his career was excepting a McBusted UK tour and his biggest achievement was being sacked three times by McBusted while on a UK tour !.
Darren’s says “Come and say hi and I will tell you the whole story !”

Beth Beaver –  This will be the 3rd year Beth has been involved in the festival as Doug is her father she hasn’t had much choice to be honest ! So much so that she tries to hide in the fridge to get out her work, as her picture quite obviously proves ! Her artistic expertise was utilised on this very website, so she was seen to be sat for long hours staring hard at her computer screen whilst nibbling on a small piece of stinky cheese she must have found down the back of one of the shelves in the fridge !

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