Scout Killers are a five piece alternative/rock/indie band that formed in late 2009 in the Bath and Bristol area. The band currently consists of Scott Cox (lead vocalist), Julien “Zombie Beast Man” Morrez (guitarist and backing vocalist), Beau Stevens (guitarist), Josh Ellis (bassist), and Chris Phillips (drummer).

The band draws its influence from such artists as Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it’s clear to see from their powerful live sets that they hold the same emotive and viscerally expressive vocals, atmospheric and foreboding guitar swells, and shadowy undertones in the bass-line and drums high up on their priorities when it comes to songwriting.

After a successful tour following the release of their EP “We Cage the Storm”, and a well received music video for the single version of “The Waves”, it was time for the band to head to the recording studio. One bloody, sweaty, tear-filled year later, Scout Killers re-emerged.

Now, with their debut album released, and the music video for the album’s flagship song “No Reason” having been met with such a positive and welcoming reception from fans and critics alike, it’s no wonder that Scout Killers are being described as having a “very promising horizon ahead of them.”

As talks begin with Alexis Records in the US, perhaps now’s the time to see just how promising that horizon looks…

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