Skreamer have rapidly emerged on the London scene in the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal originating from Barnet, London. Skreamer started in late 2009. The four band members include Sam (Lead Vocals and guitar), Dre (rhythm guitar, lead guitar), Sergio(bass) and Toby (percussion and backing vocals) with guest vocal appearances from Anna Ray.Their main influences are bands like Machine Head, Trivium, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold and many others from a wide range of different genres which also includes classical – who’d of thought it!!

Everyone in the band is just 20 and take their music extremely seriously even at that young age. Individually these four are all great musicians with an almost unbelievable knack of understanding sounds at a very early stage. With ear melting vocals, spine tingling guitar riffs and Pounding Bass and Drumming techniques and a lead guitarist that has been classed as a virtuoso and can give any of the greats a run for their money!
Read more about them visit their official website :- Skreamer

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