Reformed in 2010 after a 15 year hiatus and bringing with us a new fire up our asses. VALOUS are a metal five piece who are set to continue our plans for planetary ownage and conversion of all who doubt that metal isn’t anything but the one true way. From brutal angst to tender destruction, the music VALOUS makes, proves to everyone within earshot that metal feels good… feels real good… feels really f*****g good!!!

2011 and 2012 thus far has been an outstanding time for VALOUS; we played many an awesome gig with many an awesome band. To share a bill with the likes of Left for Red, CalatrilloZ, Hostile, Trucker Diablo, My Great Affliction, Triaxis, Dakesis, Monument, Furyon, Oxzide, Eyes of the Raven and many other great bands has definitely been amongst some of the peak events in the VALOUS history books. 2012 and beyond sees us once again playing with some awesome bands, some of whom we’ve played with before and some who are a first for us. One thing remains clear though, VALOUS are set to continue on course with the fire, drive, ambition and commitment that has fueled us all along.

The Future is bright, the future is METAL!!!

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